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Where do I begin...

- About Levi, the creator of Your Circle- About how Your Circle began. - About the vision, values of Your Circle.

About Levi, the creator of Your Circle

Picture of Levi the founder of Your Circle

Hello, there. I’m Levi (he/him/his). The creator of Your Circle.

I was born and raised in Iowa, United States. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in Computer Science where I learned a ton about computer programming. I continue to live in Iowa with my partner as we enjoy the Midwest with all the beauty it has to offer.

I have always loved technology and entrepreneurship. I started my first business (by accident) at the age of 13 and have always had a business everyday since then. They have all revolved around technology: building websites, fixing computers and video game consoles, to now building mobile apps. I love technology and use it to solve problems in our lives.

Ever sense I was born, I have always believed that, “We are all in this world together. Why don’t we help each other out while we are here?” Whether it be about equal rights, caring for the Earth and the animals on it, or helping patients and their families with Your Circle, I believe that we are all in this together.

Outside of Your Circle, I am a freelancer building mobile apps for startup businesses, I am a writer sharing stories about life/business/technology, an environmentalist, a minimalist, and big geek constantly learning new technologies.

I am glad you are here. I have nothing but peace and love to give you.

How did Your Circle get it’s start?

Your Circle began in October, 2014 as it was previously known as me2. me2 began as a mobile app for young kids ages 7-13. The app was designed to help young kids realize that the everyday problems they go through such as stubbing their toe or being told to clean their room were problems that every kid goes through. Not just them. They can get through this knowing they are not alone.

Screenshot of app when your circle first began.Original concept of me2.

me2 was born at an event called Startup Weekend. If you have never heard of Startup Weekend before, it’s an international event where event participants pitch business ideas on Friday night, they form teams around these ideas, then you as a team have 54 hours to build your business idea as much as possible until it is pitched on Sunday night to judges. Yeah, it is a blast!

During that Startup Weekend and until the following July, we worked as a team of designers, developers, and marketers trying to help kids. Each of us were there for different reasons coming from all different backgrounds but we all agreed that kids have a hard life and we wanted to make it easier.

Original team for your circle when it first began. Thong, Lee, Jordan, Matt, Brad, Isaac, Levi, Larry, and Doug.Thong, Lee, Jordan, Matt, Brad, Isaac, Levi, Larry, and Doug. The me2 team.

After I graduated college in December of 2014, I decided I was going to try and become a full-time entrepreneur. I always loved being one, so why not try and be one full-time? With that dream, I thought what a better way to begin it but to start with me2 full-time.

That January after I graduated, I moved into my Aunt and Uncle’s basement and began working on me2 full-time. Ever since that Startup Weekend event, I always said, “I have no idea where me2 is going to go, but I simply feel it needs to exist.”

After going through an intense 6-week accelerator program and talking to 100 kids, parents, teachers, nurses, principals, non-profits, me2 changed a ton. We changed the business model, changed from a not-for-profit to profit to non-profit, changed from helping young kids to middle schoolers to college students. We lost team members one-by-one every time that the direction changed as the vision of what this project became more and more narrow. It was months of non-stop changes with no end in sight.

August of 2015, I was the last remaining member of the me2 team. I was running out of my savings and I still did not see a true direction of me2. However, I knew it was not time to give up. I still wanted to see me2 exist in the world somehow and I had a few different ideas I wanted to test out to get there.

Fast forward to where we are today. After I was able to begin my freelance career (and moved out of my Aunt’s basement, haha!) I was able to begin working on me2 again. me2 is now known as Your Circle and it exists as a virtual support group mobile app.

Over the past few years working on Your Circle, I have never felt alone in building this app. I have been joined by dozens of parents, patients, life coaches, and non-profits from around the country who have done their part in making Your Circle happen. In the beginning I said, “I have no idea where me2 is going to go, but I simply feel it needs to exist.” Now here we are. Launched and ready to help people. I am very excited to give Your Circle a chance and see how it can impact the world.

The vision and values of Your Circle.

It is unbelievable how many people out there feel alone. They feel no hope as they have not found anyone who could relate to them. The job of Your Circle is to connect these people to others who can relate to them and help them understand that they are not the only one going through this experience.

Levi hopes that in the future, Your Circle becomes a worldwide network of people connected through different life experiences. The day that we can have a Your Circle virtual support group between people in different countries worldwide will be a very exciting day showing the true power of this app. The goal of Your Circle is to connect people together who had no idea each other existed but can relate together so becoming worldwide pushes that goal even further.

Patients and their family members are alone. When they need someone to talk to, they talk to friends, family, or they are keeping it to themselves. They talk to people who do not understand what they are going through. They are stuck. Your Circle exists to change the way that people find emotional support. Doctors have a special place when it comes to emotional support. They can help you emotionally in ways that others cannot do. However, your doctor may not be able to relate to you as they may not have lived through the same experience you have. Your Circle believes in peer to peer support by connecting every day people together and calling them the experts. If you have lived through a life experience, you are an expert. Your Circle is here to show the power of peer to peer support and making it a new norm around the world.

Beyond helping individuals and their families with emotional support, Your Circle has another mission: change the way non-profits serve their clients. Levi has met with dozens of non-profits over the years and has learned a great deal about them. Non-profit organizations are struggling to connect and relate with the next generation of clients. Young people are different then what we are used to. These young people use the Internet to find answers to questions and search for new friends to give support. These young people may no longer be in need of some of the services that non-profits provide. Through Your Circle, Levi hopes we can help non-profits help more people. Your Circle can learn what support young people are in need of today which will result in non-profits providing those services in the future.

What is Your Circle:

- Community. We are all important in this journey together. We are all here for each other.

- Love and respect for everyone. Everyone has bad days and that is understandable. However, showing love and respect for others can always be done. Sending hateful content towards others in Your Circle is not allowed. Show peace and love to all.

- Real talk. If you need to have a serious conversation with your support group, then you go right ahead. No more, “I’m sorry”, “You can do it, bud” type of help you are used to hearing. Your Circle makes relationships possible to stop with non-sense support you are tired of receiving from the world.

- Transparent. Levi is a true believer in openness and transparency and Your Circle is no exception to that. Levi keeps the community updated about changes that are happening with the app, problems that arise, as well as share some more about how Your Circle works.

What Your Circle is not:

- Not anonymous. We are all here to build real relationships together. You are called by your name and your face here. Not by a made-up username. We all want to know you and how awesome you are!

- Not a high growth startup company. The goal of Your Circle is to build real life long friendships between people. Not get 10 million app downloads and make money on ads. Your Circle is proud small business looking to make a large impact to a small number of people instead of a small impact to a large number of people. I dare you to contact Levi and see if you get a personal response back :)

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